Volume I: From Haifa to Uman

“One in a Generation” tells the true, never-before-told story of Rabbi Eliezer Berland.

Rabbi Berland is one of the most mysterious - and most misunderstood - figures within the Israeli orthodox Jewish world. This book, Volume I, traces the first 75 years of his life, from his earliest days growing up in Haifa, through to his early years as a Torah prodigy in Bnei Brak before becoming the defacto leader of Breslov chassidus in Jerusalem.

In these pages, you’ll learn how Rabbi Berland’s unusual behavior marked him out from a very young age; how he earned the respect of so many of the previous generation’s Torah giants in the nascent State of Israel, including Rabbi Elya Lopian and the Steipler Gaon, and how he came to be known as the ‘One in a Generation’ who could work miracles when all other hope was gone.

Volume II picks up where this book ends, and will tell the true story behind the scandalous persecution, exile and incarceration of Rabbi Eliezer Berland, which will surely go down in history as one of the most amazing episodes in the history of the modern State of Israel.

Volume II: Into Exile

As a young man, Rabbi Eliezer Berland spent his time criss-crossing Israel, talking Torah to people society had rejected – when he wasn’t spending whole days and nights out in the fields, talking to God.Over the years, he won the respect of luminaries like the late Rav Ovadia Yosef, and learned Torah one-on-one with the Steipler Gaon, who called him a Torah genius and publically praised him in superlative terms. As Rabbi Berland’s reputation as a miracle worker spread, thousands of people flocked to him for blessings and advice.But all that changed in 2013, when he became the target of terrible accusations.When kabbalists and scholars feared another holocaust in 2012 due to threats from Iran, Rabbi Berland entered into a secret pact to save the world. And so, he set out on an astounding three years of self-imposed exile, which took him from Jerusalem to Morocco, Zimbabwe, Holland and South Africa. Rabbi Berland hit the headlines in every country he passed through, as he prayed alone for hours in the jungle, crossed borders without passports, and continually confounded the police forces who were sent to arrest him. In Volume II of One in a Generation, we introduce you to the real Rabbi Eliezer Berland, explain why he was forced to confess to crimes he’d never committed,and discover why some people are still relentlessly hunting him down.


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